Brand and Brilliant's policy accepts the return for orders only in two circumstances:

-The product arrives in a damaged condition.
-The product does not match what was ordered.

Accordingly, it must be noted that:

In the event that an order is received that does not match what was requested, or the order is received with a shortage of some of the
required products, or the order is received with damage to the products, the following steps should be followed to evaluate the exchange:
A video clip must be filmed during the opening of the order because if the order is opened and it is found that the order is missing one
or more products and it appears in the data of the brand and brilliant that those products have been shipped, the store does not accept
the customer’s request for exchange and is considered void, and the same is the case in the case of receiving products that do not 
match what was done. His request or in the event of damage to the received products, and then the video is sent within less than 12 hours
of receiving the request via the email with mentioning the order number and the order that happened to be
evaluated by the relevant department, and if the reason is confirmed, it will be exchange according to the status of each request.