We ship the product within 4-7 days by Aramex, DHL and FedEx.

We are responsible for paying all shipping and handling costs for all Products purchased from Brand & Brilliant. We are also responsible
for the costs of those shipments refused or returned for any reason. We are not responsible for accidental or consequential damages or
losses for defective products, errors in the shipment of your order, or other errors. Our minimum liability is to replace any product 
that you purchase from us. Any excess weight or volume shipments may require additional shipping charges from Brand & Brilliant They
will not be shipped until you confirm that you bear the additional shipping cost. Depending on the information provided by the supplier,
Channels may publish shipping weights for the merchandise. Posting or lack of shipping weights cannot be used to determine your shipping
cost and / or financial commitment. "Shipping cost" is included for all products, each on its page, and the shipping cart should only 
be used to determine the shipping cost.
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